Monday, 23 January 2012

Whipped // Bake + Bar + Cafe

Let's admit it.. When we find a super cool/fab place we rave about it like a loon to all our friends in an attempt to get them to share that same experience we had.. Am I right people?! Well the secondo cafe on my blog adventures is the Whipped Cafe (bake, bar and cafe) and it is no exception. Let the ranting and raving begin! To say this place is cool is an understatement.  Located at 35 Semaphore Rd, Semaphore (on the ol' main street, right near the beach) sits this wonderful little joint; decked out in fab iconic furniture (for those sharing my obsession with said furniture will understand! Subtly whispers "Xavier Pauchard" ), psychedelic wallpaper and uber cute decor touches. Whipped caters for all in both its seating arrangements (out-front, indoor, out-back courtyard) and wide variety of delicious foods/drinks. Open all week for brekky and lunch, offering amazing burgers, big breakfasts and a gourmet cup-cake range that will make you audibly say "great-grandmother's-spatula!".  Icing on the cake you ask? (no pun intended) their further extensive range of gluten-free cakes (we had the orange and almond.. p.s. DELISH!). The next thing to float my boat was not only the killer coffee, but the fact that they roast their own coffee beans! Offering a wide variety of single origin beans and T2 teas; you aren't short of choice! Kiddo, bike and dog friendly too as an added bonus. This is a must visit when taking a peruse down at the esplanade of the historic and beautiful Semaphore, South Australia. Enjoy!


Out Front - Lots o' seatin'

Organic? Noice.
Let them eat cake

Coffee choices, oh the choices!
High bar style benches

Fineto with a walk on along the Jetty with le boyfriend.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Hawker St Cafe

Right-o! Getting the blog-o-metre rolling with my first review (I say review but what I really mean is "share" - as the whole purpose of this blog was to share wonderful things and places with you peeps!) is a wonderful little joint located at 22 Hawker Street in Bowden (Just outside the city - Near Prospect). Smack bang next to a wonderful little vintage shop called Vinatge Carousel (Truthfully is it's my friends' vintage shop.. Shameless spruiking aside) is the Hawker Street Cafe. Great for a delicious brekky (or brunch depending on your rising time), or lip-smacking, fork-on-plate-scraping delicious lunches (salads and burgers). Chill out inside, out-front or out-back. Bike friendly (check) (and friendly all 'round), bus stop out front (check), great pricing with fresh seasonal bits and bobs (check), cool Melbourne vibe (double check). And the piece-DE-resistance is the superb coffee (for those that don't know I am a barista by trade, so I appreciate a good cuppa). Open for brekky everyday - and Lunch Mon to Fri. Bon appetite fair Adelaidians!


Hawker Street Caf - Out Front


Eggs Flo.. (Could have drunk a bottle of that Hollandaise.. Delish!)

Eggs Benny...


Thursday, 29 December 2011

Numero Uno

This is my first ever blog. It's exciting and at the same time quite interesting. I'd come into the mind-set that blogs are for pretentious hipsters posting nothing but pretentious hipster things. And more or less the faint actuality of anyone in fact reading it in the first place! However my views have very recently changed thanks to a certain individual. My dear friend Amelia aka Mama Muesli Bar; whose wise and wonderful words and posts showed me just how fab blogs can be. The name for this blog came to me like 'that'; I wanted to share things from my neck of the woods and hear about things from yours.. I'd like to share with you places that are special to me. This is just a short post. I just wanted to post some photos of things I like and love; things which are special and lovely in their own way; things of everyday life and love. Enjoy..


Coffee made by yours truly

T BAR... Tea; another love

 Babushkas given to me when I was born

Cake.. Without it the world wouldn't continue

 Furniture.. Vintage of course!

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