Thursday, 29 December 2011

Numero Uno

This is my first ever blog. It's exciting and at the same time quite interesting. I'd come into the mind-set that blogs are for pretentious hipsters posting nothing but pretentious hipster things. And more or less the faint actuality of anyone in fact reading it in the first place! However my views have very recently changed thanks to a certain individual. My dear friend Amelia aka Mama Muesli Bar; whose wise and wonderful words and posts showed me just how fab blogs can be. The name for this blog came to me like 'that'; I wanted to share things from my neck of the woods and hear about things from yours.. I'd like to share with you places that are special to me. This is just a short post. I just wanted to post some photos of things I like and love; things which are special and lovely in their own way; things of everyday life and love. Enjoy..


Coffee made by yours truly

T BAR... Tea; another love

 Babushkas given to me when I was born

Cake.. Without it the world wouldn't continue

 Furniture.. Vintage of course!

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