Sunday, 1 January 2012

Hawker St Cafe

Right-o! Getting the blog-o-metre rolling with my first review (I say review but what I really mean is "share" - as the whole purpose of this blog was to share wonderful things and places with you peeps!) is a wonderful little joint located at 22 Hawker Street in Bowden (Just outside the city - Near Prospect). Smack bang next to a wonderful little vintage shop called Vinatge Carousel (Truthfully is it's my friends' vintage shop.. Shameless spruiking aside) is the Hawker Street Cafe. Great for a delicious brekky (or brunch depending on your rising time), or lip-smacking, fork-on-plate-scraping delicious lunches (salads and burgers). Chill out inside, out-front or out-back. Bike friendly (check) (and friendly all 'round), bus stop out front (check), great pricing with fresh seasonal bits and bobs (check), cool Melbourne vibe (double check). And the piece-DE-resistance is the superb coffee (for those that don't know I am a barista by trade, so I appreciate a good cuppa). Open for brekky everyday - and Lunch Mon to Fri. Bon appetite fair Adelaidians!


Hawker Street Caf - Out Front


Eggs Flo.. (Could have drunk a bottle of that Hollandaise.. Delish!)

Eggs Benny...



Amelia said...

Look forward to testing out a whole heap of these places with you. YUM. Totes gotta do Brown Dog Cafe on Goody Rd.

Gabrielle said...

Thanks Darls! Heck yes! xxxx

jodi said...

oh my, how i wish we had cafes likes this 'round my 'neck of the woods' - adorable it! x

Gabrielle said...

Oh thanks so much Jodi! It's so lovely to get feedback so early on in my blogging escapades! Thanks for the follow too xx

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